Reviving Roadracers

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Have you heard about the movie “Roadracers”? It is a “TV movie, filmed in 1994, directed by Robert Rodriguez. The film aired on the Showtime Network as part of the network’s “Rebel Highway” series. The movie tells a story of a rebel named Dude (David Arquette) who dreams of leaving his dreary small town and become a rock’n’roll star, but is caught in a long feud with the local sheriff (William Sadler) and his son (Jason Wiles). Salma Hayek played Dude’s girlfriend. The film was shot in 13 days”. (source:

Soundtrack to the film – is a real firecracker of rockabilly, psychobilly & country tracks. Most of the original scores were written and performed by a talented American musician Johnny Reno. Also several compositions of Link Wray, Jamie James, Hasil Adkins, and others were used in the movie. The film director Robert Rodriguez has also participated in writing an original song. He cooperated with Johnny Reno, Paul Boll and Tommy Nix on the song called “Flying Saucers Baby”. Despite the fact that the original soundtrack was mentioned in the end credits, and that it was available through A&M Records, the album was never released.

In 2002, the Russian website released a bootleg, consisting of tracks extracted directly from the movie. This release came quite to the fans’ taste, but further attempts to find at least a few original records on the vastness of the World Wide Web continued. A community devoted to the movie was created on the popular social network VKontakte. The community has made great strides in the quest for most of the tracks, but some of the tracks still weren’t found for one simple reason – they were composed and recorded solely for the film and have never been published elsewhere…

And my idea was simple: if the soundtrack can not be found anywhere, it can be recorded! And “Reviving Roadracers” became a part of Pangaea Project. Search for musicians for other tracks is still in progress.

More information about the project Reviving Roadracers can be found on our website: section “Pangaea Project”. You can also follow us on Twitter: @ northsoundrec (for tweets in English) and @ northsoundrus (for tweets in Russian).

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