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As of October 12, 2011 submissions for Music Of The World 2 promotion by North Sound Records are closed. Just a reminder, North Sound Records offered free mixing and mastering as part of this promo.

We have received a lot of emails and messages from interested musicians, composers and songwriters of different genres. Thank you all for your interest in the MUSIC OF THE WORLD 2!

As previously announced, the order is chronological (on “first come, first serve” basis). Here’s the final list of participants:

  1. Denis Habatullin
  2. Vitaly Chudaev
  3. Omega Flame
  4. Anna Nova
  5. RedP
  6. Mike Lizotte
  7. Kolscheid
  8. Denis Smile
  9. Daniyar Kamin

Please, be advised that it can take up to three days per one song under Music of the World 2 promo.  Once the song is fully mixed and mastered, the participant will be contacted right away, and a song will be sent by email. The songs will be presented to the public, once all nine tracks are completed.

Latest news will be available on our twitter accounts: @ekolesnikoff, @northsoundrus (Russian) and @northsoundrec (English)

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