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Well, it has been almost two weeks since the official launch of the MUSIC OF THE WORLD 2 promotion, and we’ve already received dozens of letters and comments from people, who are willing to participate. Musicians, composers and songwriters from all over the world continue to submit their materials for free mixing and mastering.

We believe this reflects a significant interest in the MUSIC OF THE WORLD 2 promo among musicians, songwriters and composers. So we would like to share more information about the promo, how it all will happen, what is being prepared, and what surprises await.

Submissions, as stated in the press release, are opened till October 12, 2011. After the submissions close, North Sound Records staff will start working on the submitted material. Depending on the complexity of the material and North Sound Records’ work load it may take up to three working days per one song.

The order of execution is strictly chronological! That is, the order in which we receive the songs is the order in which we mix and master the songs. The earlier you submit your material for MUSIC OF THE WORLD 2 promo, the earlier you enjoy the results! List of selected songs and order of priority will be announced after October 12, 2011 when submissions close.

The participants will receive their tracks immediately after the song is mixed and mastered. After all the materials are mixed and mastered the compilation of songs will be made, beautiful artwork will be drawn, and the compilation will be published on our web site, on all our pages on social networks, as well as on other relevant resources.

WARNING! Please, note that if you don’t wish your material to be included into the compilation, just let us know. Obviously, we won’t use your material without your consent.

In November, 2011 a voting for the best songs of the MUSIC OF THE WORLD 2 compilation will be held. (opening and closing dates will be announced in advance). North Sound Records has prepared surprises for the winners. For now, take part in the MUSIC OF THE WORLD 2 promo, send us your materials for free mixing and mastering (and remember that the deadline is approaching), leave comments and follow news and updates!

p.s. Dear friends! We, the entire staff of North Sound Records, appreciate your help in spreading the word about the MUSIC OF THE WORLD 2 promo among your friends and fellow musicians. Please, retweet news, share it on Facebook or OpenID, or just tell your friends. It does not take more than a minute, but maybe you will help someone to get high-quality mixing and mastering for your songs. Thank you! And follow us on twitter! @northsoundrec

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