Music of the World 2

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Dear friends and fellow musicians!

We are pleased to tell you great news: on September 12, 2011 North Sound Records launches the second part of the MUSIC OF THE WORLD promotion. As a reminder, North Sound Records offers e-mixing and e-mastering of your track at no cost*. There are no style or genre restrictions, no geographic restrictions either. To qualify your song has to meet the following three requirements:

  1. North Sound Records will only accept multitrack masters (instruments recorded on separate tracks), with audio quality Wav 16/44.1 or higher. Cubase/Nuendo and Studio One projects are also accepted.
  2. Lyrics must NOT contain bad language, advocate violence, racial or religious conflicts nor encourage to commit them. Lyrics with radical political and religious statements and implications are not permitted.
  3. All multitrack master files must be uploaded to open-access file exchange servers, or FTP.

It is highly recommended to specify in a cover letter your wishes regarding the general concept of the sound as well as the following: song tempo (BPM) and the time signature (4/4, 6/8, etc.)

Submissions are opened from September 12, 2011 until October 12, 2011. News and updates on the “Music of the World” promotion will be posted in North Sound Records twitter accounts. If we receive 20 tracks or less, then all of them will participate in the promo, otherwise (if we receive more than 20 submissions) – we’ll conduct a pre-selection process (North Sound Records reserves the right to select the tracks to participate in the promo at its sole discretion). Copyright and all related rights to the songs participating in the “Music of the World” promotion remain with their rightful owners. North Sound Records does not require the transfer of rights to any of the songs*. All we want in return is a feedback on our work and a link to North Sound Records website from your myspace, artist website, facebook page, etc.

*Please, be advised that your feedback will be used in the “Testimonials” section of North Sound Records website and the songs participating in the “Music of the World” promo will be used by North Sound Records in a portfolio and a compilation of selected tracks will be made.

Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail:

You can also submit links to your tracks and cover letters to the above e-mail addresses.

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