Services – Mastering

North Sound Records studio offers professional high quality e-mixing and e-mastering services. We work individually with each client to make sure that you get exactly the sound you wanted.

The process of e-mixing and e-mastering is extremely simple: you send us your materials, we do all the work, you download the result. As you can see: it’s indeed really simple!

If you believe that your music can sound a lot better than it sounds now, then order professional mixing and mastering. Regardless of whether it is a demo, a finished track, EP or full-length album, regardless of whether you represent a record label, band, or if you’re an independent musician, with the help of our e-mixing and e-mastering services you can be sure that you get great-sounding results.

We offer three e-mastering service packages:

One track – $ 30
If you’re happy with your mix, but need a professional mastering – you can order it separately. This will make your track ready for radio, CD release, etc.
This service includes a CD-quality wav file and a high quality mp3 file.

Album – $ 400
Special offer for indie labels and independent artists, who prepare the release of their album / compilation / collection. Up to 15 tracks (up to 80 minutes of playing time).
This service includes CD-quality wav files and high quality mp3 files.

Remastered – $ 50 (per track)
If you have old records, digitized from vinyl discs or audio cassettes, and you want them to sound modern, you can order a re-mastering and restoration of these records.
This service includes a CD-quality wav file and mp3 file of high quality.